GAAD 2021関連記事クリッピング。

2021年5月20日(木)、10年めの節目を迎えたグローバルアクセシビリティ啓発デー(Global Accessibility Awareness Day)に関連した記事クリッピングです。相変わらず手抜きですみません……。


今年は特に、ゲームまわりの盛り上がりが印象的でした。コミュニティだけでなくディベロッパー側からも積極的に発信が行われており「After TLOU2」の波が一気に表出したような気がします。今年後半もゲームアクセシビリティ関連は注目ですね。




Home - GAAD (globalaccessibilityawarenessday.org)

About - GAAD (globalaccessibilityawarenessday.org)

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GAAD Foundation


GAAD Japan 2021(2021/05/20 オンライン) - connpass

GAAD Japan 2021(オンラインセミナー:2021/5/20開催) - YouTube


アクセシビリティの祭典 2021 | みんなで創ろう アクセシブルなスーパーシティ (accfes.com)

第7回アクセシビリティの祭典2021ライブ配信 - YouTube


Apple previews powerful software updates designed for people with disabilities - Apple

A TikTok star’s fave accessibility apps : App Store Story (apple.com)

Play Your Way : Mac App Store Story (apple.com)

Today at Apple sessions celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day - 9to5Mac

Apple Marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021 With ‘Powerful Software Updates’ For Disabled People (forbes.com)

Apple Previews New Accessibility Features Coming This Year, Including Expanded Image Recognition Capabilities for VoiceOver Users | AppleVis

Apple reveals new Accessibility features: AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch, eye-tracking on iPad, more - 9to5Mac

The Apple Watch without fingers, the iPad that tracks your eyes ... Apple speeds up access (vaughantoday.ca)

Apple greatly expanding accessibility services & features in new updates | AppleInsider

Apple adding new Background Sounds feature to iOS to help with focus, calm, and rest - 9to5Mac

You'll Soon Be Able to Control an Apple Watch Using Hand Gestures - MacRumors

#GAAD: Apple's Image Recognition is About to Get Much More Descriptive - Blind Bargains

Apple、手話通訳サービス「SignTime」を発表 (2021年5月20日) - エキサイトニュース (excite.co.jp)


Apple Watchに検知した手の動きで操作する「AssistiveTouch」機能が追加 | TechCrunch Japan

アップル、アクセシビリティ関連新機能を予告。iPadで視線操作が可能に - Engadget 日本版

アップル、手話通訳サービス「SignTime」を提供開始。まず米英仏からスタート - Engadget 日本版

Apple Watchに触れずに操作、Storeで手話通訳。アップルのアクセシビリティ新機能 - Impress Watch

アップル、全OSでアクセシビリティ改善を予告――視線追跡でiPad操作など - ケータイ Watch (impress.co.jp)


Our accessibility commitment (microsoft.com)

Honoring Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a call to action - The Official Microsoft Blog

Doubling down on accessibility: Microsoft’s next steps to expand accessibility in technology, the workforce and workplace - The Official Microsoft Blog

IBM launches Equal Access Toolkit to help developers build accessible websites and applications – IBM Developer

Scan your entire website for accessibility issues with a few simple clicks – IBM Developer

Samsung Talks Accessibility Awareness with Eric LeGrand - Samsung US Newsroom

A is for access: A designer shares how her one-year-old inspired a new accessibility design team (facebook.com)

Verizon celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day | About Verizon

ソニーグループポータル | アクセシビリティ (sony.com)

Global Accessibility Awareness Day / Twitter

The evolution of digital accessibility over the decades (adobe.com)

10th Celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day – Freedom Scientific Blog

Web Accessibility is Beautiful and Delicious  | American Printing House (aph.org)

Raising accessibility awareness. Ten Years of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (microassist.com)

OrCam Users Share Their Views on Global Accessibility Awareness Day - OrCam



Games industry & GAAD2021 | IAN HAMILTON (ian-hamilton.com)


Xbox Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day - Xbox Wire

Introducing the Xbox Accessibility Insider League - Xbox Wire

Microsoft explains how it's making gaming more accessible - Neowin

Xbox Announces Big Accessibility Improvements For Global Accessibility Awareness Day - GameSpot

Xbox Mark 'Global Accessibility Awareness Day' Through New Features | The Otaku's Study (otakustudy.com)

Xbox と一緒に Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) を祝おう - News Center Japan (microsoft.com)


Creating a World with No Limitations – SIE Blog – English

Accessibility Consulting: Opening New Doors for All Gamers – SIE Blog – English

Our gaming accessibility resources - PlayStation London Studio

“誰もが楽しめる・感動するコンソール”を目指して──PS5™/PS4®のアクセシビリティ – PlayStation.Blog

SIEがGAADにあわせアクセシビリティの意識向上にむけた取り組みを紹介―制約のない世界をつくる | GameBusiness.jp

“アクセシビリティ”の意識向上へ向けたSIEの取り組みとは―啓発デー「GAAD」に合わせて、その内容を紹介 | インサイド (inside-games.jp)


Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Twitch | Twitch Blog

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Inclusive Design Matters (activisionblizzard.com)

Embracing and sharing accessibility for #GAAD (specialeffect.org.uk)

Gaming for RNIB - RNIB - See differently

Gaming For RNIB - The Need For Accessibility In Software Design (raisethegame.com)

New Accessibility Database Aids Discovery Of Suitable Video Games (forbes.com)

More Accessibility Options Only Make Games Better | WIRED

Gamedev resources to design more accessible games (by Alan Zucconi, Josh Bycer, and others) | Game World Observer

10 most accessible games to play on GAAD 2021 (inverse.com)

SIG top ten - IGDA Game Accessibility SIG (igda-gasig.org)

Accessibility Quotes Acreensaver - IGDA Game Accessibility SIG (igda-gasig.org)

#GAAD 2021 Game Accessibility Trivia (google.com)

Meet the Disabled Streamers Who Are Transforming the Industry | WIRED

Canada's 'Blind Gamer' on how we can all make gaming more accessible (mobilesyrup.com)

The Blind Gamers’ Podcast - Introductions + Global Accessibility Awareness Day Discussion - YouTube


New #GAAD Foundation Seeks to Amplify the Importance of Universal Accessibility - Blind Bargains

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - BBG Architecture Life

Thank GAAD! It's 2021 Global Accessibility Awareness Day - The CSR Journal

Making the digital world work better for kids on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (campaignlive.co.uk)

How AI can Unlock STEM Content for Students with Disabilities | Benetech | Software for Social Good

Redefining Modern Marketing: How dozanü Championed a Movement to Promote Radical Inclusivity (prnewswire.com)

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day - May 20, 2021 | Announcements | News | WPI

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: How businesses can communicate with the disability community as a valued customer group - General - Services - Business IT (bit.com.au)

Video Conversation: The Future of Work for People with Disabilities - Peatworks

Over 98% of websites have accessibility issues, plus experience update is coming to desktop; Thursday's daily brief (searchengineland.com)

Harris Poll Accessibility Survey Finds One in Three Americans Say They Either Have or Had a Chronic Medical Condition or a Disability | Business | The Daily News (galvnews.com)

COVID-19 showed digital accessibility is critical. Advocates don't want you to forget (cnet.com)

INTERBRAND celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day with the launch of new Inclusive Design practice | WebWire

Introducing AccessibilityPlus 2021, a Global and Entirely Virtual Accessibility Summit for Business Leaders


To digital accessibility and beyond! | University of Nevada, Reno (unr.edu)

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